But they still t r y and fight for what they b e l i e v e  in.”


why is everyone so uptight about lydia dating someone her character is so much better when she’s single 

hell yeah like lydia has been romantically involved with someone every season up to this one like praise jesus hallelujah i love single lydia



mother like d a u g h t e r 

"I want anything that lets me be with you."

Anonymous said: Yeah but Jeff HAS to have a romantic interest for Stiles, he thinks it's his duty to put Stiles with someone but god I know Malira. Like if I could just drag Cora's ass back to California my life would be so fixed.


if you only ship malira because you don’t want malia with stiles then i hate you and would have no doubt’s about slapping you

You gave your powers to a walking time b o m b.

the Stilinskis + hugs

Not without Lydia. Because of Stiles?

I never wanted any of this.
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